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G.T.-800 Mono Blocks
G.T.-400 Mono Blocks
G.T.-200 Mono Blocks
ST-100 Stereo Amplifier
Dude Preamp


The Golden Triode Multichannel Reference Preamplifier uses the same circuitry and parts as used in our GTP-4, with the added benefit of additional channels to allow it to be used in a no compromise two-channel or six (5.1) channel system. This means that, finally, a preamplifier exists which will work as the heart of a stereo LP record playing system, as well as stereo compact disc system, and also be capable of multi-channel video or SACD or DVD-Audio playback. It easily amplifies any audio frequency with the definition and dynamics as all other Tube Research Labs products.

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$25,000.00 USD


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